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Outstanding Web Hosting Services & Providers

Shared Hosting

Affordable Web Hosting

When it comes to constructing your first website and starting your online presence, spending lots of funds for the hosting service provision is probably not a thing that sounds quite enticing.

Shared Hosting

When searching for a shared web site hosting service, though, you must not consider solely the price. Make Certain whether your future hosting packages provider provides everyday backups, access to a web hosting CP graphical user interface and info about their datacenter facility.

Top Hosting

Hosting is the solution that renders it possible for a web portal to be online and accessible from any country around the world. Lots of persons and organizations these days own a web portal. The latter permits them to get to millions of individuals no matter what time it is, discovering brand new buddies or attracting prospective clients.

Hosting Reseller

Reseller Hosting

A reseller web hosting service is a type of web hosting account, which allows the user to create separate subaccounts that can be offered to various clients. This is usually accomplished by granting the user access to a main reseller hosting account, via which he can create different web hosting accounts utilizing the hosting server disk space offered by the reseller web hosting package, for which he pays a given price.

Hosting Reseller

There are plenty of ways of gaining revenue on the World Wide Web and one of them is to sell the web hosting services supplied by a given hosting provider. This offers vast possibilities for everybody who would like to make more profit. There are various types of reseller hosting services, depending on the hosting reseller's degree of involvement and, of course, on the hosting service provider that offers the service.

What Precisely is Reseller Hosting

The cPanel reseller hosting model operates by slicing cPanel-based web hosting server(s) into predefined reseller hosting packages, which are then sold as individual reseller accounts. Each single cPanel reseller website hosting package is managed by the WebHost Manager (WHM) management user interface.

VPS Hosting

What Is a VPS

A powerful physical machine is divided into a number of Virtual Private Servers that copy the performance of a normal dedicated web hosting server. There are a lot of software applications that render this division possible so that the client receives a completely functional server with root-level access and guaranteed resources.

Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server is a relatively cheap hosting service, but it is powerful enough to support web sites such as a very popular web store or a huge corporate web site. As its administration is simple, it is the preferred pick of both tyros and knowledgeable users.

VPS Web Hosting

A small quantity of virtual servers are set up on a physical machine, utilizing its resources. Each virtual private web hosting server performs precisely like a dedicated web server and its system resources are ensured, incl. the central processing unit usage, RAM and server storage quotas.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting Server

Whether you will host your own web portals, or you are a website designer with numerous clients and require hosting server disk space for your work, or you desire to make some good cash by selling the web server disk space to others, a dedicated server will offer you the freedom that no other site hosting plan can.

Dedicated Server

With the dedicated hosting solution, you rent an entire server whose resources will be used only by your websites.A hosting server is in fact a computer with hardware intended to tackle heavy load and certain software installed on it, like a web server, PHP and MySQL software platforms, and so on, which allows the web sites hosted on it to be reachable on the World Wide Web.

Dedicated Servers

Certain web hosting distributors also offer an additional paid admin solution, whereby the company's system administrators will support you with any complication that you may experience with your dedicated web server - an OS update, a script installation, a troubleshooting operation, or any other problem that you may encounter.

Register a Domain


On the whole, as long as your domain name uses a certain pair of DNSs, all its domain name records will direct to the same web page hosting supplier. The A record is an Internet Protocol address, which specifies on which hosting server your web site is situated, whereas the MX records exhibit which web hosting server tackles the e-mail accounts associated with your domain name.

Domain Name

Most domain names are registered for a term of one to ten years, but certain particular top-level domain names can be registered for no less than 2 years, or for no more than five, for instance. You can also transfer your domain between separate domain registrars and once again, different top-level domain names involve different policies for that.


When you register a domain name, you become the domain Registrant, or its holder. You can designate a different individual as the Administrative or Technical Contact for the domain name if someone else tackles your portal, which will allow you to attend exclusively to aspects regarding the proprietorship or some payment matters.

Free Hosting

Free Cloud Hosting

A large number of hosting corporations as of now are providing cost-free web page hosting plans, gaining more and more clients. The free solution is OK if you manage a personal web site or if you don't want to spend money for a paid professional site hosting plan. Let's have a gaze at some of the strong and weak points of the free hosting solution as a whole.

Free Webspace Hosting

When you are availing of a free web hosting solution, there naturally are more limitations than if you were paying for the web hosting account. The hard disk storage space and web traffic usage quotas, for example, are typically pretty insufficient, and with certain free hosting distributors, you cannot set up databases.

Free Web Hosting

When I'm launching a small online project, I usually begin with a free web hosting plan and then shift to a professional paid one if I elect to carry on developing the web site project. But, without a doubt, I wouldn't use a free web hosting plans provider for a more sizeable project, since charge-free hosting packages usually have a lot of limitations.